Swastika coils tattoo machines by Paulo Cruzes

red-swastikaswastika-blue1swastika-green1 tumblr_m3ef0cSnoC1qifi17o1_500-1Swastika tattoo machine by Paulo CruzesSwastika coils tattoo machines

Beautiful Swastika coils tattoo machines by Paulo Cruzes, The frames and parts are powder coated or electroplated for a durable long-lasting and super finish, each machine can be set up upon the tattoo artist needs such as a Shader, Liner, cutback liner or Power liner.

Blade runner single motor rotary tattoo machine

blade-runner-copperblade-runner-silverRotary tattoo machine Blade Runner by Paulo Cruzes

Beautiful light rotary tattoo machine cut into a block of Aircraft aluminum, plated in Silver or Copper.

Specification: Swiss or Japan motor / 4.4mm stroke / Give adjusting knob / 90.gr /

Aluminum coils tattoo machines 2013 by Paulo Cruzes London

cubic-1-frankycubic-2cubic-1-usdcubic-2-usdcubic-3-usdcubic-1-kittycubic-3Coils tattoo machines with an aluminum frame.

Those aluminum frames are directly cut of a block of aircraft aluminum, that will make a strong tattoo machine, robust and light, the final machine weight 160 gr approx.

All the details are remarkably crafted, the new retainer tension-er give the perfect pressure needed on the needle bar and no more or no less, just the perfect amount needed.

Each machine is perfectly set up and tuned such as: Liner, Power liner, Cutback liner, Shader or soft Shader, I use all sorts of different capacitors and spring gauge to get to all those perfectly tuned tattoo machines.

Paulo Cruzes

Sayagata rotary tattoo machine by Paulo Cruzes London

sayagata-pastelSayagata rotary tattoo machine 2011 model, Limited edition.

Specifications: Maxon Motor, 4.4mm stroke, give adjusting knob, Aircraft aluminum body case copper plated and beautifully engraved with the “Sayagata pattern”.

sayagata-copper-2013sayagata frame with sayagata screw(3)

sayaka rotary tattoo machine by paulo cruzes london


Sayaka rotary tattoo machine April 2013.

This is a New model of rotary tattoo machine, the model shown here has a beautiful Hemp pattern engraved into the body.

Speifications: 160gr / 3.5mm stroke / Japanese 15 volts motor .