Top Rotary Tattoo Machines Exposed And Explained

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Top Rotary Tattoo Machines Exposed And Explained

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Tattoos are more popular than ever and now the three top reasons to use rotary tattoo machines are being exposed and explained at


World Wide Web – June 25, 2013 Out of the various types of tattoo machines, the coil and the rotary tattoo machines are most popular and commonly used. Most of the professional tattooists are seen to use either coil or rotary tattoo machine in their shops. The coils are relatively inexpensive and easily available in the market and thus get quick attention of the tattooists.


Coils are known to be good at smooth lines making and shading. Rotary tattoo machines are favorites to some expert tattooists. Many new comers and tattoo lovers would question: are rotary tattoo machines better? Well there is no single answer to this; but there are the advantages of rotary tattoo machines that will help to compare rotary tattoo machines vs coil:

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The experts who speak in favor of rotary tattoo machines state that these machines have an edge over the coil machines because of their lower weight. Low weight and easy handling matters a lot in tattooing. The reason why rotaries are considered lighter is because of their inner structure; unlike coils rotaries do not have electromagnetic copper coils in them. The copper coils are quiet heavy and this makes the whole machine heavier. Although the coil machines are still the standard tool of tattooing, the rotary machines are been adopted by tattooists because of easy handling, less hand and fingers cramping and fewer mistakes.


There is also the benefit of noise reduction. The rotary tattoo machines because of their coil-less structure create far less noise than the ordinary coil machines. This feature increases the acceptability of rotary tattoo machines for sale. Some tattooists would also find it customer friendly as the rotary machines do not create the scary noise. The lesser noise of the tattoo machine also makes the client feel that tattooing would be less painful.


The rotary tattoo machines are considered to be good at lining and shading. The major reason behind such fast acceptability of rotary tattoo machines is that they help the tattooist to complete the whole art by using single machine; no matter how complex and complicated the design goes, rotary tattoo machines can do it all by their different needles. On the other hand, coils have limited usefulness; they can either be used for shading or lining and not both at the same time. The coils are good at deep shading where extra power in needed to inject heavy ink into the skin. The liners of dual coils are also thinner to provide comfort to the skin.


In nutshell both type of tattoo machines have their advantages and disadvantages. The tattooists working at professional level adopt either of the two machines and sometimes both. The rotary tattoo machines for sale are quite popular today; for better guidance and decision making read more on the blog at rotary tattoo machines site

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Extra light tattoo machines


Coils tattoo machines.

These are high quality engineered tattoo machines, the frame is cut into a block of forged aluminum, forged aluminum in not the same as caste aluminum, the forged aluminum is extra strong and light, this same aluminum is used in aircraft components because of it lightness and robustness, and can perfectly engineered to the micron without breaking or a defect, and the finish parts look also very smooth, their is no porous parts in the metal, the finish frame is also electroplated for a beautiful long lasting finish.


Coils tattoo machines alluminum


“The geometry of the machine is just the perfect formula, the geometry diagram is not a guess or a gamble it is the accumulation of many years of testing to get the perfect angles measures.”

Paulo Cruzes tattoo machines are made to a very high standard and only the best components are put together, “No compromising & 100% quality.

Every tattoo machine, coils machines, rotary machines and every components is made the same way and integrity, the best tattoo machines at best prices.
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