Rotary tattoo machine “Blade Runner”

rotary tattoo machineRotary Tattoo Machine by Paulo Cruzes

The Blade Runner with Honey comb engraving into the aluminum body case & copper plated, 4.4mm stroke with hit and give adjustable, it is a beautiful rotary tattoo machine that is super light 90 gr only.

rotary tattoo machine

The End of Tattooing as we know it.

3 January 2014 at 18:29

The End of tattooing as we know it.

These are Modern looking machines, beautiful design, every details is thought about, this is 2014 with a needle retainer, because I believe in Now and in the future, the past is gone and I cannot get back to it.

The end of tattooing as we know it:

You cannot run a “tattoo shop” like in the 70’s because times have changed, technology has changed all the world, tattooing was once underground & only practiced by the initiated, is not anymore, the media the TV shows the Internet as you read this, has changed it all, and this is beyond our control.
Tattoos shops are opening everywhere, and tattoo artists can get information for free in the internet because we are living in the age of the information, we are overloaded with information, and with some practice and a limited amount of time some people can get very very good at tattooing.
New styles of tattooing are born, incorporating many sorts of media, Photoshop, graphic design, realistic drawing, mix media, you name it and that is only the starting of tattooing because much more will appear in the near future.
There are no rules, old rules are buried and new rules are born everyday, we are moving in perpetual movement and fast evolution like a speeding bullet train, like a roller coaster taking us into the future faster than ever and forever, it is not anarchy it is technology & modern times, old things vanish while new ones appear as your ride changes outside view, while it glides you like a neon ray, and you find you don’t have to search for words, for there’s nothing to be said.

Paulo Cruzes London 2014

Tattoo machine by Paulo Cruzes