Classic Bulldog tattoo machine

bulldog-shader bulldog tattoo machineClassic tattoo machine “Bulldog” Shader & Linerbulldog tattoo machineClassic tattoo machine “Bulldog”

The Bulldog frame has been around for such a long time & what makes it special is the design simplistic look, it is a Classic tattoo machine, Paulo Cruzes Classic Bulldog Liners & Shaders are very light weight tattoo machines & perfectly tuned to your taste.

The bulldog frame was a machine used by Sailor Jerry, it appears that the design belongs to him because he used to cast them “bulldog frames tattoo machine”, other tattoo artists of that era also made similar looking tattoo machines, for that reason it is not easy to say who made it first.

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bulldog tattoo machinebulldog-shader-geishabulldog tattoo machine

bulldog-warho lbulldog tattoo machine

Maxon DCX 16 Rotary


The MAD-MAX Rotary tattoo machine.

Here it is a picture of the DC 16mm Maxon motor Rotary tattoo machine, this was hand made in 2013, a naked simple direct drive rotary tattoo machine that went to a tattoo shop in Switzerland.


This is the DCX Maxon rotary, this is the second model, the frame is handmade of a block of Aircraft aluminum, The Stroke is 3.5mm using an SKF bearing, it is just minimal.


Paulo Cruzes Introduces  Bad-ass DCX 16mm Maxon




Paulo Cruzes Introduces Bad-ass DCX 16mm Maxon

World Wide Web – October 23, 2014  Paulo Cruzes knows tattoo machines well. He has built the super small, light and real powerful DCX 16mm Maxon that runs at a very low voltage and spins like a queen. Tattoo Artists Around The Globe Appreciate and Revere Paulo Cruzes Designs in Tattoo Machines.  The new DCX Maxon motor is the high end motor of Maxon that uses exclusive technology with specific parts built in.

DCX 16mm Maxon by Paulo Cruzes is the high end motor of Maxon that uses some exclusive technology parts built in. The brushes are graphite brushes with a unique dampening system that creates better contact between the brush and the commutator to reduce noise. The magnet material in the DCX motor is high grade Neodymium. The Neodymium magnets have twice the power of conventional magnets used on any other motors. They offer twice the power for the same size. The DCX is the only motor of this range using Neodymium magnets.

The DCX 16mm Maxon shaft is 2mm round using a bigger bearing, which means a much stronger shaft. This Rotary DCX 16mm Direct Drive is the best rotary direct drive, without question. The graphite brushes feature a special dampening system that creates better contact between the brush and the commutator to reduce noise.
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Working on the last frame, I have made few changes as you can view it and everything is more compact, you can see the grooves for the elastic band above & below the RCA.

This is the DCX Rotary tattoo machine that will be ready in just a few weeks.


Awesome to an extreme level is the Maxon 16 DCX Rotary

If your going to do something, do it right.
The Direct drive rotary tattoo machine 3.5mm stroke mounted with a super smooth bullet proof SKF bearing, using the sick Maxon DCX 16mm motor with powerful Neodymium magnets that create stable powerful fast acceleration, smooth lean & mean running rotary tattoo machine

The Badass style is understated but instantly recognisable, simple direct functional and brutally efficient with divine ability is the 16 DCX Maxon Rotary tattoo machine.

DCX 16mm rotary tattoo machine live in a level others only dream of.

Paulo Cruzes London   7 November 2014