Aluminum coils tattoo machines 2013 by Paulo Cruzes London

cubic-1-frankycubic-2cubic-1-usdcubic-2-usdcubic-3-usdcubic-1-kittycubic-3Coils tattoo machines with an aluminum frame.

Those aluminum frames are directly cut of a block of aircraft aluminum, that will make a strong tattoo machine, robust and light, the final machine weight 160 gr approx.

All the details are remarkably crafted, the new retainer tension-er give the perfect pressure needed on the needle bar and no more or no less, just the perfect amount needed.

Each machine is perfectly set up and tuned such as: Liner, Power liner, Cutback liner, Shader or soft Shader, I use all sorts of different capacitors and spring gauge to get to all those perfectly tuned tattoo machines.

Paulo Cruzes

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