Classic Bulldog tattoo machine

bulldog-shader bulldog tattoo machineClassic tattoo machine “Bulldog” Shader & Linerbulldog tattoo machineClassic tattoo machine “Bulldog”

The Bulldog frame has been around for such a long time & what makes it special is the design simplistic look, it is a Classic tattoo machine, Paulo Cruzes Classic Bulldog Liners & Shaders are very light weight tattoo machines & perfectly tuned to your taste.

The bulldog frame was a machine used by Sailor Jerry, it appears that the design belongs to him because he used to cast them “bulldog frames tattoo machine”, other tattoo artists of that era also made similar looking tattoo machines, for that reason it is not easy to say who made it first.

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bulldog tattoo machinebulldog-shader-geishabulldog tattoo machine

bulldog-warho lbulldog tattoo machine

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