Rated 18 Vulva tattoo machine


THE EROTIC COLLECTION Paulo Cruzes Vulva tattoo machine


Oh my word! At this year’s London Tattoo Convention, Paulo Cruzes unveiled what most surely be one of the most outrageous and gratuitous tattoo machines of all time.

The first of the machine builder’s erotic collection, ‘The Wet & Slippery’ features a miniature replica mold of the female genitalia, which Paulo describes as being “like a delicate flower”. It is mounted on a power liner and finished in a high gloss varnish which gives it the desired ‘wet’ look. Paulo comments: “this machine put a smile on the face of whoever saw it, a unique and one-off machine, it is the start of a new series…more seductive and erotic creations will be unfolded in the next few weeks. “we have to take orders for this machine as it is custom made; prices range from £250 to £300”.


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