Sayaka 2015 model “Tiny monster rotary tattoo machine”

The New Sayaka rotary tattoo machine 2015

“I have been working night and day like an obsessed dog on a bone, to make it happen for you”.

sayaka rotary tattoo machineSayaka rotary tattoo machine made upon request without RCA plug for the very talented tattoo artist Ivan Hack from Russia, check out his work it is totally bad-ass.

Ivan hack tattoo artist Russia

sayaka rotary tattoo machineThis model has both connection clip cord and RCA connection.

sayaka rotary tattoo machine“A reliable daily driver rotary tattoo machine.

-James at Richmond Tattoo Ink”.sayaka rotary tattoo machine paulo cruzesSayaka exclusively made for Body Shock UK, this model is a totally awesome rotary tattoo machine, it has a 3.5mm stroke, has dual connections clip cord and RCA, has the needle tension-er build in the frame, so no need of elastic band, it is a very robust build rotary tattoo machine with lots of power and works at a very low voltage, this rotary is max out with torque, another bad-ass from the infamous Paulo Cruzes London

sayaka rotary tattoo machine

Exclusive Spain distributor

Sayaka Dream Rotary Machine
Sayaka Rotary tattoo machine handmade by Paulo Cruzes in Silver Iron.
Lightweight, slick design, precision rotary movement and smooth.
High performance Japanese engine.
The Sayaka Tattoo Dream machine has a beautiful silver pattern engraving into its solid iron frame.
It also includes a smart system to hold the needle bar, making unnecessary to use elastic rubbers.
Weight, 160 gr.


sayaka-asanoha-2015-5Awesome Distributor in Greece

sayaka rotary tattoo machine The Sayaka Rotary Tattoo Machine since 2013, “Sayagata Saga” when it all begun.

rotary tattoo machine




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