Extra light tattoo machines


Coils tattoo machines.

These are high quality engineered tattoo machines, the frame is cut into a block of forged aluminum, forged aluminum in not the same as caste aluminum, the forged aluminum is extra strong and light, this same aluminum is used in aircraft components because of it lightness and robustness, and can perfectly engineered to the micron without breaking or a defect, and the finish parts look also very smooth, their is no porous parts in the metal, the finish frame is also electroplated for a beautiful long lasting finish.


Coils tattoo machines alluminum


“The geometry of the machine is just the perfect formula, the geometry diagram is not a guess or a gamble it is the accumulation of many years of testing to get the perfect angles measures.”

Paulo Cruzes tattoo machines are made to a very high standard and only the best components are put together, “No compromising & 100% quality.

Every tattoo machine, coils machines, rotary machines and every components is made the same way and integrity, the best tattoo machines at best prices.
Coils tattoo machines alluminumdietzel-copper Coils tattoo machines alluminumCoils tattoo machines alluminum

Sayagata Rotary tattoo machine & coils



The Meaning of the Sayagata:

Sayagata is a pattern of interlocking manji (万字, [卍], swastika) commonly found as the background rinzu pattern on kimono, especially iromuji. It is believed to be a contraction of sa-ayagata (gossamer figured-cloth pattern).


 The Sayagata rotary tattoo machine by Paulo Cruzes London

This is a Beautiful Rotary tattoo machine by Paulo Cruzes London, all copper plated fitted with a Swiss Maxon motor, it has a long stroke of 4.4mm without the open suspension, otherwise you can get up to 5mm of extra smooth stroke.

This is a Limited Edition for 2012.


sayagata-silver-plated rotary tattoo machine by Paulo Cruzes