Rotary tattoo machine “Blade Runner”

rotary tattoo machineRotary Tattoo Machine by Paulo Cruzes

The Blade Runner with Honey comb engraving into the aluminum body case & copper plated, 4.4mm stroke with hit and give adjustable, it is a beautiful rotary tattoo machine that is super light 90 gr only.

rotary tattoo machine

Sayaka 85 Rotary tattoo machine

Sayaka 85 Rotary tattoo machine

rotary tattoo machine

The Beautiful Asnoha pattern engraved into the black aluminum body case is a superb rotary tattoo machine, 85 because the weight is only 85 gr.

The Sayaka Rotary Tattoo Machine is loaded with an arm-mount ball bearing, and is an incredibly sturdy composition. It also has a whisper-silent use. The quiet components work well with clients that often fear the sound they relate to pain when getting a tattoo. Because the Sayaka Rotary Tattoo Machine is so well made, it promises to last for many years and years.   

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Master Tattoo Machine Builder Paulo Cruzes Reveals Trademark Coils Tattoo Machine

Master Tattoo Machine Builder Paulo Cruzes Reveals Trademark Coils Tattoo Machine

The Cubic Series Coils Tattoo Machines by Paulo Cruzes are fast becoming the popular choice for tattoo artists around the globe.

World Wide Web – August 8, 2013   Paulo Cruzes has a special talent in creating one of a kind tattoo machines.  The new trademark coils tattoo machine is no different and is a stand out in branding his unique high quality machines.

The super light coil tattoo machine is made of air-craft aluminum. The aluminum frame makes it super light, weighing in at just 160gr total.  The coin tattoo machine features a built-in needle tensioner for superior precision. The easy to handle apparatus is all powered by a 10u capacitor and 10 wrap coils for liners with a 47u cap on shaders. All with a long-lasting, silver electro-plated finish of copper, rose, gold or black.

tattoo machinetattoo machine

Tattoo machine master builder Paulo Cruzes new Cubic Coil tattoo machine offers state of the art innovation in construction and usability. The iron-constructed, powder-coated machine is superbly finished for a look that will last as long as a lifetime of tattooing—and beyond. The coil tattoo machine offers a means for outstanding precision and handling for top-notch work every time.

tattoo machine

Designer and master builder Paulo Cruzes accommodates his customers by offering them the Trade Mark tattoo machine which can be set up as a liner, power liner, or shader per request. Paulo Cruzes enjoys direct contact with customers and his fans and states the fastest way to contact him is directly through Facebook messages.

tattoo machine

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Extra light tattoo machines


Coils tattoo machines.

These are high quality engineered tattoo machines, the frame is cut into a block of forged aluminum, forged aluminum in not the same as caste aluminum, the forged aluminum is extra strong and light, this same aluminum is used in aircraft components because of it lightness and robustness, and can perfectly engineered to the micron without breaking or a defect, and the finish parts look also very smooth, their is no porous parts in the metal, the finish frame is also electroplated for a beautiful long lasting finish.


Coils tattoo machines alluminum


“The geometry of the machine is just the perfect formula, the geometry diagram is not a guess or a gamble it is the accumulation of many years of testing to get the perfect angles measures.”

Paulo Cruzes tattoo machines are made to a very high standard and only the best components are put together, “No compromising & 100% quality.

Every tattoo machine, coils machines, rotary machines and every components is made the same way and integrity, the best tattoo machines at best prices.
Coils tattoo machines alluminumdietzel-copper Coils tattoo machines alluminumCoils tattoo machines alluminum

Swastika coils tattoo machines by Paulo Cruzes

red-swastikaswastika-blue1swastika-green1 tumblr_m3ef0cSnoC1qifi17o1_500-1Swastika tattoo machine by Paulo CruzesSwastika coils tattoo machines

Beautiful Swastika coils tattoo machines by Paulo Cruzes, The frames and parts are powder coated or electroplated for a durable long-lasting and super finish, each machine can be set up upon the tattoo artist needs such as a Shader, Liner, cutback liner or Power liner.

Aluminum coils tattoo machines 2013 by Paulo Cruzes London

cubic-1-frankycubic-2cubic-1-usdcubic-2-usdcubic-3-usdcubic-1-kittycubic-3Coils tattoo machines with an aluminum frame.

Those aluminum frames are directly cut of a block of aircraft aluminum, that will make a strong tattoo machine, robust and light, the final machine weight 160 gr approx.

All the details are remarkably crafted, the new retainer tension-er give the perfect pressure needed on the needle bar and no more or no less, just the perfect amount needed.

Each machine is perfectly set up and tuned such as: Liner, Power liner, Cutback liner, Shader or soft Shader, I use all sorts of different capacitors and spring gauge to get to all those perfectly tuned tattoo machines.

Paulo Cruzes

Rated 18 Vulva tattoo machine


THE EROTIC COLLECTION Paulo Cruzes Vulva tattoo machine


Oh my word! At this year’s London Tattoo Convention, Paulo Cruzes unveiled what most surely be one of the most outrageous and gratuitous tattoo machines of all time.

The first of the machine builder’s erotic collection, ‘The Wet & Slippery’ features a miniature replica mold of the female genitalia, which Paulo describes as being “like a delicate flower”. It is mounted on a power liner and finished in a high gloss varnish which gives it the desired ‘wet’ look. Paulo comments: “this machine put a smile on the face of whoever saw it, a unique and one-off machine, it is the start of a new series…more seductive and erotic creations will be unfolded in the next few weeks. “we have to take orders for this machine as it is custom made; prices range from £250 to £300”.