Classic Bulldog tattoo machine

bulldog-shader bulldog tattoo machineClassic tattoo machine “Bulldog” Shader & Linerbulldog tattoo machineClassic tattoo machine “Bulldog”

The Bulldog frame has been around for such a long time & what makes it special is the design simplistic look, it is a Classic tattoo machine, Paulo Cruzes Classic Bulldog Liners & Shaders are very light weight tattoo machines & perfectly tuned to your taste.

The bulldog frame was a machine used by Sailor Jerry, it appears that the design belongs to him because he used to cast them “bulldog frames tattoo machine”, other tattoo artists of that era also made similar looking tattoo machines, for that reason it is not easy to say who made it first.

How to buy a Bulldog tattoo machine contact Paulo at:


bulldog tattoo machinebulldog-shader-geishabulldog tattoo machine

bulldog-warho lbulldog tattoo machine

Terminator adjusting top screw


The Terminator rotary tattoo machine by Paulo Cruzes


The parts are made of Aluminum, beautifully designed with a purpose to help the tattoo artist, every part in the machine is crafted with functionality, beauty  and strength without compromising the minimality of the final weight, the Terminator is a glamorous and robust rotary tattoo machine and only weight 120 gr.

“This is pure magic”.


terminator paulo cruzes screws


terminator paulo cruzes screws


terminator paulo cruzes


The Terminator is a glamorous and robust rotary tattoo machine and only weight 120 gr, “this is pure magic”.


terminator paulo cruzes

Rated 18 Vulva tattoo machine


THE EROTIC COLLECTION Paulo Cruzes Vulva tattoo machine


Oh my word! At this year’s London Tattoo Convention, Paulo Cruzes unveiled what most surely be one of the most outrageous and gratuitous tattoo machines of all time.

The first of the machine builder’s erotic collection, ‘The Wet & Slippery’ features a miniature replica mold of the female genitalia, which Paulo describes as being “like a delicate flower”. It is mounted on a power liner and finished in a high gloss varnish which gives it the desired ‘wet’ look. Paulo comments: “this machine put a smile on the face of whoever saw it, a unique and one-off machine, it is the start of a new series…more seductive and erotic creations will be unfolded in the next few weeks. “we have to take orders for this machine as it is custom made; prices range from £250 to £300”.



“Shakti” or the sacred symbol of auspiciousness.

swastika-screw symbol



Swatika Coil machines by Paulo Cruzes 2012

swastika coil tattoo machine by Paulo Cruzes



The swastika (Sanskrit: स्वस्तिक) is an equilateral cross with four arms bent at right angles.

Swastika dotwork tattoo by Paulo Cruzes in Anjuna Goa 2011

Swastika dotwork tattoo by Paulo Cruzes in Anjuna Goa 2011


Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesh swastika



The Swastika has always been a trademark of quality.



The Swastika is found on many places in India.

swastika_omSwastika tattoo machine by Paulo CruzesStunning Swastika Tattoo Machine by Paulo Cruzes



Sayagata Rotary tattoo machine & coils



The Meaning of the Sayagata:

Sayagata is a pattern of interlocking manji (万字, [卍], swastika) commonly found as the background rinzu pattern on kimono, especially iromuji. It is believed to be a contraction of sa-ayagata (gossamer figured-cloth pattern).


 The Sayagata rotary tattoo machine by Paulo Cruzes London

This is a Beautiful Rotary tattoo machine by Paulo Cruzes London, all copper plated fitted with a Swiss Maxon motor, it has a long stroke of 4.4mm without the open suspension, otherwise you can get up to 5mm of extra smooth stroke.

This is a Limited Edition for 2012.


sayagata-silver-plated rotary tattoo machine by Paulo Cruzes




Delphine Noiztoy ” French Bird “

Interview about the shotgun.

First of all it’s been requested that I introduce myself.

My name is Delphine noiztoy, 24, from the south of France, I’m working as resident tattoo artist in Divine Canvas, London, UK.


Paulo Cruzes Rotary Tattoo Machine




Usually my work is really refined micro-dots, mainly Art nouveau and realism.. but i really enjoy heavy black work too, maybe due to my french roots and the particularly strong influence of the french tattoo community new style so called “graphik”, i don’t know, or maybe it’s cause I’m surrounded by body piercers that want full black sleeves and body suit! ahaha

Talking about Black sleeve, the other day one of my friend, Paul Morris (founder of Glory holes body- jewellery) asked me to work on his arms, full heavy black, no fucking about! and simultaneously, Paulo came to the shop, all glorious and noisy about his new creation… and that’s the moment where the “Shotgun” appeared in our hands!

At the start we were all dubitative i think, really odd looking rotary machine! “2 motors?! WTF?!”, was the exact words of most of the people present..

Paulo kept mumbling and stammering of excitement about all the goodness of the hybrid monster; so i took his words and asked for trying it out (before anybody else! ahahaha Xed and Matt… that was for Agincourt!)

The first impression, in hands, still fairly light like most of rotaries but with a bit more of consistency, really comfy to hold and move.. i felt straight away something with that machine, like if we were gonna be real friends!

Then i turn the power on and pressed the pedal.. ooooohhhh f***ing lovely thing Mr Cruzes had put between my fingers! he told me to run it quite fast but opted for a low 5.5V and with an extremely light and aerial movement started to ink my dear mad friend with that good ol’ 23 curved mag!

The ink went straight in, without effort or brutality, a black blacker than the night! in about an hour the underarm, shoulder and edge of the armpit were done; swelling was minimal, bleeding as well and the boy was real glad!

I ordered one of those gem straight away to Paulo!!

the day after i received a text from Paul which said exactly : “That machine is a Fucking god send. my arm isn’t as swollen as a coil machine. And i haven’t taken any painkillers and its fine, no need to take them. just a tad tender when i lift my arm up. and my armpit is perfect, no pain or discomfort.. its fucking awesome! thank you so much in so happy. xxx”

He came down Divine about a week later and this black… OH MY DAYS! just perfect! nearly done peeling off, and looking fab!

So if I’ve got to give my humble point of view on the shotgun… i would say, to use with precaution, the baby is gentle but can be a redoubtable monster, for the people that know what they’re doing and definitely not to put in the wrong hands.. a bit like a pit bull.. it can be an amazing softy until it find the wrong owner!


Paulo Cruzes Rotary Tattoo Machine



Thanks to Paulo Cruzes, im waiting for my own little one… and Paul doesn’t want to get tattooed with anything else anymore!!

Delphine Noiztoy, voila l’article xxxx 17/08/12







The Exorcist

30 August 2012

I posted this picture awhile ago on Paulo Cruzes London Facebook, a picture of me holding the Terminator Rotary Tattoo Machine, this is the first Terminator made, yes the first of first, somebody commented on it saying that I looked like in the movie the Exorcist, holding the crucifix, well…

Anyway here is the picture.

 -The Exorcist “


The exorcist Paulo Cruzes Rotary Terminator