Terminator Kami


Terminator K    K for Kami

Introducing The TERMINATOR Kami

K for KAMI japanese motors, not the “Maxon motors” but the “Kami motors”.

Rotary tattoo machine terminator Kami motor.



This machine is sold by Paulo Cruzes himself, at an Exceptional introductory price only available for a limited time, to give a chance to many artists to try it and to find out about this amazing tool, some do not need to be convinced because they have been using the Terminator Maxon for quite a while now, and are well pleased with it, such as this day I had no returns and no complaints about the twin motors, only good feed backs and many great recommendations.


The TERMINATOR Maxon is for pockets full of dough, for the ones that have already made it and for the ones who know me and do know that I produce high quality tattoo machines, with fantastic designs, amazing engineering and the best customer service.

Rotary tattoo machine terminator Kami motor.

For those artists who want to try the Terminator Kami, I am introducing the T K at a very good price, this is price that most distributors are ready to pay me to have this machine, but I have decided to not use Paid endorsements or distributors and instead make you ” the tattoo artists” profit from the discounts.

Rotary tattoo machine terminator Kami motor.


“This is Christmas in November, this is January sales right here today.




The TERMINATOR Kami specifications:


The body case is made of a single block of aluminum and it is electroplated for a long-lasting and beautiful finish.

It is powered by 2 Kami motors from Japan, it has lots of torque and speed.

The stroke is 4.5mm and it has an adjusting softness spring build inside, that can soften the impact of the needles hitting the skin, for soft shading for instance.

You can line, color or shade with the Terminator, all you need is to adjust it for your desired duty.

The machine weight is only 120 gr, it is a very well balanced rotary tattoo machine.


I do hope I have explained this Terminator Kami to you clear enough, if you want to know more about it, then ask me.



London 31 October 2012

Paulo Cruzes.


“Beautiful Renegade in Silver electroplated and highly polished, the beauty is in each details”Renegade twin mototor rotary tattoo machine