Kami Terminator & Renegade


Tattoo done using the Terminator twin motors, using 2 terminators, one set up for Lining and one set up for Shading


Rotary tattoo machines by Paulo CruzesAsanoha pattern


Introducing The TERMINATOR Kami

Rotary tattoo machines Asanoa & Sayagata by Paulo Cruzes

Watch the Video NOW click on the image below

Rotary tattoo machines Kami


Terminator rotary tattoo machine

K for KAMI japanese motors, not the “Maxon motors” but the “Kami motors”.


To view the Kami twin motors on facebook go here:      http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3938230453568.2138418.1214078526&type=3

This machine is sold by Paulo Cruzes himself, at an Exceptional introductory price only available for a limited time, to give a chance to many artists to try it and to find out about this amazing tool, some do not need to be convinced because they have been using the Terminator Maxon for quite a while now, and are well pleased with it, such as this day I had no returns and no complaints about the twin motors, only good feed backs and many great recommendations.

Terminator rotary tattoo machine

The TERMINATOR Maxon is for pockets full of dough, for the ones that have already made it and for the ones who know me and do know that I produce high quality tattoo machines, with fantastic designs, amazing engineering and the best customer service.

For those artists who want to try the Terminator, I am introducing the T K at a very good price, this is price that most distributors are ready to pay me to have this machine, but I have decided to not use Paid endorsements or distributors and instead make you ” the tattoo artists” profit from the discounts.

“This is Christmas in November, this is January sales right here today.

How to buy the Twin Kami Terminator or Renegade.

Please contact on facebook message: http://www.facebook.com/paulo.cruzes

Or Email to: Paulo.tattoo@laposte.net

The TERMINATOR Kami specifications:

The body case is made of a single block of aluminum and it is electroplated for a longlasting and beautiful finish.

It is powered by 2 Kami motors from Japan, it has lots of torque and speed.

The stroke is 4.5mm and it has an adjusting softness spring build inside, that can soften the impact of the needles hitting the skin, for soft shading for instance.

You can line, color or shade with the Terminator, all you need is to adjust it for your desired duty.

The machine weight is only 120 gr, it is a very well balanced rotary tattoo machine.

I do hope I have explained this Terminator Kami to you clear enough, if you want to know more about it, then ask me.

London 31 October 2012

Paulo Cruzes.

Amazing tattoo machine with super speed and softer impact

November 2, 2012:

Here is the best tattoo machine ever, the Terminator rotary tattoo machine Kami, designed by the famous tattoo machine builder Paulo Cruzes. The amazing point in this machine is that it has more features like shading, coloring and lining all in one just with an adjusting spring build inside. Moreover, this machine is made from a single aluminum block, with fine finishing, allowing the artist to handle it easily bvecause it weight only 120 gr.

Looking into the details of the machine, it is finely electroplated for long lasting service and is powered by two motors of Kami from Japan. The artist is sure to enjoy working with this machine, as it is smooth to operate, making the impact on the skin to be softer or faster, the stroke is 4.5mm locked or up to 5mm open and smooth.

To know more about the machine and to have a look at the model, one can visit the website, http://rotarytattoomachine.co/terminator-k/ that has more information to look at. The exciting news about this machine is that the stock is in limited range, which would close as soon as all the machines are booked. The wonderful part to know is that the artists can make a direct purchase of the machine from the designer himself, without the necessity of the third person, which saves them certain amount. This is the only stock that brings out such offer for the artists to make a direct purchase from the designer and get the best tattoo machine.
Media Contact:

Kami Terminator rotary tattoo machine

Kami Terminator Rotary Tattoo Machine

06 November 2012

Hi Paulo,

Just wanted to let you know that i received my new machine first thing this morning, got it straight out of the box and started using it (the wife has stolen the little bag it came in). I love the machine, it runs like a dream

and sits in the hand perfectly, nice balance. Thought I would attach a picture of me using it. I will spread the word about your machines to all my tattoo friends. I look forward to doing business with you again in the very near future.Many many thanks
Steves Tattoos Ipswich

How to buy the Twin Kami Terminator or Renegade.

Please contact on facebook message: http://www.facebook.com/paulo.cruzes

Or Email to: Paulo.tattoo@laposte.net

Terminator rotary tattoo machine



Kami Renegade available from 09 November 2012

Paulo Cruzes Rotary Tattoo Machines Kami

The Renegade powered by Kami motors from Japan

The Terminator Kami electroplated in copper that will give a long lasting protection and beauty.

The stroke is 4.5mm and has a hit give of 6mm, the hit give is the spring suspension inside the machine that can be easy adjusted by you to give a smoother hit on the skin, like when you want to do soft shading.


“Beautiful Renegade in Silver electroplated and highly polished, the beauty is in each details”

renegade rotary tattoo machine


“Limited Edition Only, One of a kind”

sayagata terminator tattoo rotary

Asanoha pattern in Rose Gold plated

Asanoha pattern tattoo machine



Paulo Cruzes Rotary Tattoo Machines

Paul Saliba

Yes for sure, Paulo hand delivered and all I can say is its a beast!!! It is…THEEEE best rotary for lining, I mean I can’t praise it enough! I was like a big kid smiling away today when I was re lining some old tattoo from 15 years ago with a 9 liner and it was like a hot knife through butter!!!!

Terminator rotary tattoo machineblack terminator KAMI
Rotary tattoo machine TerminatorTerminator rotary tattoo machine
Kami Twin Motors by Paulo Cruzes
Twin motors Kami by Paulo Cruzes
Terminator team rotary tattoo machine

Cover tattoo made with the Terminator Maxon rotary tattoo machine and the Renegade twin motors Maxon.
enegade Rotary Tattoo Machine

Rotary tattoo machine Paulo Cruzes

Rotary tattoo machines Paulo Cruzes

damonRotary tattoo machines Asanoa & Sayagata by Paulo Cruzes
The Asanoha Terminator in Rose Gold Limited Edition 2012

Rotary tattoo machines Asanoa & Sayagata by Paulo CruzesAsanoha-terminator-silver-gold

Rotary tattoo machines Asanoa & Sayagata by Paulo CruzesAsanoha-terminator-silver-goldThe Twin Motors “RENEGADE”


Rotary twin motors Kami Renegade SilveRotary twin motors Kami Renegade SilveRotary Tattoo Machine RenegadeThe Bristol Tattoo Club Terminator 2012

Rotary tattoo machine by Paulo CruzesRotary tattoo machine by Paulo Cruzes btc-3

Watch the Video NOW click on the image below

 Paulo Cruzes Rotary Tattoo Machines

“The Sayagata Pattern

Twin motors Terminator Rotary tattoo machine”

sayagata terminator tattoo rotarysayagata pattern rotary tattoo machinerotary tattoo machine

Terminator Close-up.


Terminator-Asanoha-pattern-in-rose-gold-plated1Renegade Twin Motors







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  5. I got to say, being sceptical at first i tried the terminator K, jumped straight in with a 9 liner and all i can say is WOW, this is my go to liner and looking forward to using it for some colour saturation. iv always felt rotaries can be a little tedious to line with especially those with a “give” system, but this beauty put a smile on my face and yes it sounds like a sponsored blurb but its not, i really do love this machine and have already placed an order for another custom terminator machine, any one who comes to the studio im at will see this beast in action every day!!!!

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