The Exorcist

30 August 2012

I posted this picture awhile ago on Paulo Cruzes London Facebook, a picture of me holding the Terminator Rotary Tattoo Machine, this is the first Terminator made, yes the first of first, somebody commented on it saying that I looked like in the movie the Exorcist, holding the crucifix, well…

Anyway here is the picture.

 -The Exorcist “


The exorcist Paulo Cruzes Rotary Terminator

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4 thoughts on “The Exorcist

  1. I work at a tattoo shop. 16 and 17 year olds that come in with their pantres (state law) usually have a good story behind their tattoo.It’s not so much the tattoo but the PLACEMENT. Most young people are doing the wrist or the ribs. The ribs make more sense because these kids do not know how they are going to pay their bills when they are independent.Yes, a wrist tattoo can be covered with a large watch or bracelet, but I suspect they want the tattoo because it is noticeable.Personally I have over 100 tattoos but I would never get my wrist tattooed.

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