Laird Mark Poole on said: Edit

Received my Terminator today, although designed as a liner I have used it to line, shade and pack colour ! This machine has it all and I must admit it feels a lot like a coil. When lining it is effortless and very precise. Paulo has outdone himself with this machine a truly beautiful piece of engineering. Cheers Paulo I love it :)


Mark Poole UK

Alex monster ink on said: Edit

My terminator arrived today. What can I say Paulo you’ve out done yourself. It’s the perfect weight not to light yet a fraction of a coil machine. Lines with a 5rl just like a coil with ease. So smooth laying in grey wash and packs colour effortlessly. The best bit is how it looks absolutely beautiful, gets some funny looks from the customers. Worth every penny Paulo your a true magic man can’t wait to order more!
Monster ink


Alex Monster Ink Aberystwyth


Eric Pele

WOW!!! i love it!! can u give me some pionters for maintance and adjustments...do you ever do conventions in the state? mario barth has his @ the end of oct in vegas..if you do come to the westcoast of the states for conventions keep me posted! anyways really happy with my new, thx E


Eric Pele USA

Ali 'Buffsta' Baugh

  • Got my machine today, it's beautiful!! Thank you so much smile will be getting more from you in the future

Ali Buffsta UK


Xed Lehead UK